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Fast Track Billing Group is a one-stop-shop for complete and full-service medical billing solutions. We provide high quality, rapid-turnaround, and cost-efficient billing services for different size of physician offices, clinics, and hospitals. We provide medical billing services to you by using your existing process and software, thus giving you prompt turn-around time on your data processing functions.

FTBG maximizes your collections, increase your efficiency by eliminating your financial and human resource headaches, so physicians and other staff can devote their valuable time for patient care.

FTBG offer a lot of benefits and advantages, including streamlined processing, follow-up, compliance with healthcare processes, accuracy, quick turnaround time, and guaranteed data security.

Practice Management

FTBG guarantees accurate, reliable, and courteous service with the valuable insight and fundamental skills that medical practices require to grow and remain profitable.

Why Outsource Medical Billing Services?

Industry average shows that 25-35% of all paper claims submitted are rejected due to typos, errors, and omissions. By utilizing Fast Track’s Medical Group, the normal rejection rate is reduced to around 1-3% so physicians can rest assured that they will receive payment in a timely manner.


How Fixed Rate Benefits You?

  • No postage, paper claims, reports, envelopes, statement paper
  • No purchasing of office equipment (software, computers)
  • No upgrading Elimination or reduction in employee benefits
  • No insurance meetings to attend Time saver
  • Cost Effective and Time Saver